Stablitiy, knowledge and Progression


We all know people full of potential but due to circumstances beyond their control they’re at risk of making poor choices and not fulfilling that potential.


The most important thing to get out heads around when undertaking 1-2-1 work is to remove as much bias towards right and wrong as possible. Who’s potential are the young men and women not fulfilling? Potential and the preaching of it creates an unwanted stick to beat fragile confidence if it is not presented in the right way. The learner needs to see and believe it not just be told they have it.

What right do we have to dictate what success looks like to these young men and women anyway, we are not in their shoes. Is food on the table, friends, or notoriety that drives them? We cant simply pick our ideal of what a good life should be and force it upon them. We need to understand what they view as success and aim for that in the first instance. If we view their lives as chaotic and dangerous we have to remember that it feels like chaos to us as an outsider, it’s way out of our comfort zone. To them this version of life is their safe zone and without careful work they will see us trying to take them out of it as a threat and fight against it.

With this in mind we will work with the learner to offer option and improve trust and wellbeing to a level that allows them to make different, safer choices.

The 1-2-1 provision will be designed to

· engage and understand the learners life

· make the learner feel safe, stable and open to new ideas

· Tackle the issues surrounding current engagement

· Offer ideas for successful progression

· Improve learner Wellbeing

· Point the learner towards ways of playing the game of life.