Stablitiy, knowledge and Progression


Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid

Albert Einstein

An alternative to permanent exclusion or managed moves.

Pushforward work with those young people that currently struggle in a school Environment. The person who sits on the periphery of mainstream society. They are the misfit. As Mr Einstein beautifully put it they are the fish who we expect to climb trees.

The overriding problem with young people we work with is a lack of confidence. A fear of failure means they follow the basic principles of fight, flight or freeze. They have been misunderstood or don’t understand themselves but lack the trust to open up and accept help. The young men and women will put up a front, show a lack of effort or refuse to participate. In many cases we believe they are so scared to fail that they have stopped trying. Who wouldn’t be when you have been told you have done things wrong all your life. Outside influences look more appealing as a fix to problems and a need to achieve in something means resistant and dangerous actions can be undertaken. It can be infuriating for people working with them in a school environment as they rarely have the time to understand why a person is reacting in a certain way. We are lucky enough to have that time.

The learner also needs to consider their future path. They currently have people bending over backwards to support them and allowing them countless opportunities to push barriers. They need to remember that when they reach 18 this support stops. They are pushed out in the big wide world to fend for themselves and they need to question whether they have taken advantages of the opportunities before they have been taken away. Have they learned the skills to play the game of life?

Our Programme

Stage 1 – Understanding the young person

Stage 2 – Week 1 – 5 Stabling the Young Person

Stage 3 – Week 6- 12 – Teaching people the point of progression and how to progress.

Stage 4- ongoing support